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Former Director of CDGT - Professor Tai-Kai Ng

Encouragement Remarks to DP Students

The DP result has been released. Some of the students may feel happy; some of them may feel disappointed. However, I congratulate all of you and your students who are able to finish this small but tough journey. DP is just a very small program that gives students a brief grasp of how wide the world can be. The current result of the students does not represent all their ability, but tells them instead how wide the scope of the world is, and how much room there is for them to improve yourself. If they are able to walk through this learning journey, they have already made a very good starting point, especially for the very young ones. I hope their result can serve a purpose of igniting them to continue, either start over again if their current result is not excellent enough or step forward to another more challenging point. There is an old Chinese saying “the starting point of a journey of a thousand mile is your first step”. They have already stepped out your first step in this difficult journey. I wish I shall see all of the students again in the journey.

More importantly, I would say thanks to all our seed schools, with your big effort, DP has been smoothly launched and opened to all local secondary schools this year.

Former-Assistant Director-Shirley Kwok

Time flies, CDGT is going to reach its 5 years birthday very soon.

Looking back in time, the launching of the Dual Program is for sure the most memorable moment. Skepticism was everywhere and few bodies understood what we were trying to do.

We eyewitness the growing-up of the gifted kids gathered at CDGT; we met them as little boys and girls and they are now young adults. We knew them as lonely individuals but now we see a strong group of confident young adults ready to conquer the world. They are ready to help each other because they are each other's soulmates.

We see miracle. CDGT is proud to witness all these changes.

Consultant-Dr Wing-wo Edmund LAM

After participating in Dual Program, my son not only becomes very passionate in learning, he is also more proactive in caring for others. One time, when I was on my way to HKUST for being a speaker of a talk related to a DP Service Learning Project, he phoned me to instruct the way. I was so touched.

Shatin Pui Ying College - Ho Sik Yin (Student)

Dual Program's Student (Life Science)

"From Student to Peer Tutor: My Experience in the Dual Program"

 My classmates and teachers have often joked that HKUST is like my third home (the first two being my actual home and my secondary school) – after all, I spent a significant part of my senior secondary school life at HKUST. The reason was that I was participating in the Dual Program offered by one of its departments, CDGT, first as a student and then as a Peer Tutor. With much effort and even more luck, I was able to complete all three levels for Life Science. During my time as a student, I experienced what it was like to be taught not as just another participant in the “HKDSEE Marathon”, but as a person with a passion for Biology. One of the biggest differences between taking secondary school classes and taking university classes is that while secondary school teachers give you everything you will need to deal with the course material, professors never hand you everything on a silver platter- instead, they encourage you to take the initiative to learn more about the subject material. Through reading books in the HKUST library and discussing different topics with my classmates and professors, I became even more passionate about Biology and learnt much more than I had expected. It has definitely played a part in my decision to work harder so that I can do research in genetics someday. Being a Peer Tutor was a completely different experience. It was fun teaching others, but what I liked best about it was meeting people near my age with similar interests to me- they were interested not only in Mathematics and Science, but also in classical music, gaming, running, etc. At school, I didn’t talk much. However, I found myself talking non-stop with other Peer Tutors and the Level 1 students. As someone who feels and is extremely awkward in social situations, it felt great being able to (finally) connect with someone outside my family. My confidence has grown quite a bit, and hopefully I can stop quaking in fear in social situations in the very near future. For me, participating in the Dual Program was never about having something to talk about in university interviews or write about in personal statements. It was about pursuing my interests in Biology, to discover as much as I could. I am very glad I have had the chance to participate in the Dual Program, and will treasure this experience for a very long time.

St. Mark's School - Leung Ka Chai (Student)
Dual Program's Student (Chemistry)

Dual Program is a fantastic course. Not only did I learn knowledge about chemistry, but also some skills of learning. To study well, we have to prepare a lesson, revise and do exercise. After doctor has uploaded the notes, better download it immediately and read before lesson. It improves the understanding towards different topics. Next, revise soon after the lesson as some difficult concepts can be consolidated. Moreover, revise bit by bit can reduce workload and increase efficiency. Finally, exercise is very essential. As a proverb says, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ I believe that genius also needs to practice a lot in order to succeed!

St. Joseph’s College-TSUI Ho Lung (Student)
Dual Program's Student (Physics)

The Dual Program is really a course that influences me a lot. I learn a lot from it, and it really fascinates me. The opportunities and experiences that I gained through the Dual program really turned me into a better person.

I spent numerous Saturdays in HKUST throughout the last whole year, and none of them are really wasted. I participate in the Physics course, and until now, I am still enjoying the pleasure of learning new things through this scheme.

Professor Chen Tian Wen is an exceptional professor. It may seem that I am flattering, but anyone who listens to his lecture will be completely amazed by how he can turn difficult and abstract physics concepts to easy-to-understand analogies. How a simple currency system could be used to describe kinetic energy conservation of objects and the Earth, how a story between the Chinese emperor and his subjects could be used to interpret the Newton’s laws, and last but not least how a trivial “fact” is however not a simple logical deduction but a particular law called the 0th law of thermodynamics, these are all wonderful facts I will never forget, and facts that could never be learnt through school teachers and self-learning.

Another thing that is good about this scheme is the numerous opportunities for a student to excel oneself. I had never guessed that my passion in Mathematics and Physics was recognized, and I was given the opportunity to attend my first international competition, the Singapore International Mathematics Challenge. I met foreign students, and it really broadened my horizon, and I luckily won my first international medal there too. Had I not attended to the HKUST Dual Program, I would not have had such a valuable opportunity and learning experience.

The last and the most important of all, I learnt to be a better person. Before I took part in this scheme, I was just a student who dedicated all his work in his exams and assessments. And when the results came out to be satisfactory, I would feel proud of myself. Now that I look back, I realize how stupid I was. By then I was just a “frog in the well”. I met brilliant and humble professors, and learnt and experienced things I had never expected throughout last year. This course makes me convinced that there are always more to learn, and we should never feel proud of ourselves.

So to everyone, please don’t be too proud of or contented with what you achieve, for there are always more things for you to excel yourself and learn more. The HKUST Dual program really makes me learn more knowledge and more of myself. I hope that this course will also be a life-changing experience for you.

South Island School-Harry (Student)
Dual Program's Student (Physics)

It is no secret that school can sometimes get boring, especially in subjects you read deeply in. Fortunately, the Dual Program has allowed me to further explore my interest in Physics, with lectures and assignments that are far more challenging than anything at school. Although it might seem hard to balance such a seemingly demanding course with other commitments, being scheduled once a week, the lectures give ample time to digest the concepts introduced in the previous lecture. Also to be noted is the fact that one is far from alone in this course. The lecturers, other students, and mentors were more than happy to answer any questions I had. Beyond that, the lectures will no doubt prepare me for university, no matter where or what I choose to study (though I will most definitely be choosing Physics).

HKUST - Green Tea (Student)
Student Mentor

After being a mentor in Dual Program, I find the talented students love sharing their feelings and hobbies as normal people do. The public mostly define them as haughty, individualism and hard-hearted. Thus, I seize the chance to become a mentor to understand their mind.

Actually, they also have problems on academic. If I know how to solve them, I will try my best to let them know the origin. One of the hardest things that people think of is simply you can’t answer their questions.

In fact, we just need to give their some resources and supports to let them explore. Sometimes, it is interesting that you can know why their mindsets are like that.

Mentees often send me email about the study of university’s chemistry, reference book. Some will even talk about their dreams and futures. I remember a girl telling me that she likes Liverpool Football Club. I always tease her and our friendship is just built up so naturally.

If we can put more effort on listening, sharing and understanding their mind, our worlds would be connected to their worlds also. We can communicate and bring a brightness friendship with each other!

HKUST - Peggy (Student)
Student Mentor

In a mentor-mentee relationship, mentee is not the only one who can get benefits. Being a mentor, I learnt to integrate my knowledge and experiences into advices, which are given to my mentees when they encountered problems. My communication skills also improved during this process. Most important of all, I made friends with my mentees and I believe that I can gain something in this constructive relationship.

HKUST - Akito (Student)
Student Mentor

The mentoring program gives me a chance to communicate with my mentees. This is a great experience because this is the first time for me to be a mentor. I feel so happy that I can share my experience and knowledge to them. I hope they can get something after finished the dual program and the mentoring program.

Mr Andy Loo (Student)

Sponges are full of pores. Only when immersed in water can they be entirely inflated.

Gifted children are no different from sponges – high-quality sponges with excellent absorbing and integrating abilities. Routine education is often not enough to fulfill their appetite. Gifted education, which provides abundant supply of water, enables them to explore their potentials and develop their talents to the fullest.

Without water, sponges have no choice but to wither; without the suitable learning environment, gifted children are simply dry sponges.

Ms Cherry So (Student)

I had a meaningful Christmas this year! In order to learn more about our world, I took two courses in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology during Christmas. I was amazed by the nature during the courses. These two courses were “Marvelous World of Plant” and “Environmental Conservation in Hong Kong”. “Marvelous World of Plant” helped me understand that there is a great wisdom even in the most ordinary plants around us. We can understand and find out more with more detailed observation. In another course “Environmental Conservation in Hong Kong”, I learned more about the uniqueness of the ecology of Hong Kong, especially the wetland. Have you ever realized that there are infinite living things in the wetland?

The above courses enabled me to know more about the green side of Hong Kong, and it changed my impression that Hong Kong was only a “Concrete Jungle”. Also, I have learnt a lot about the nature that I cannot get from books and this made me become more interested in our home - the earth.