Dual Program──Overview


"Secondary Schools – The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Dual Program" was first launched in 2011 and since then, over 200 secondary schools have joined the Dual Program (DP). DP aims to provide an alternative pathway for students who are gifted in certain areas so that they can

  1. Spend most of their time at secondary schools for a healthy, holistic personal development;
  2. Devote part of their time at HKUST studying subjects of their interest at an accelerated pace and earn university credits.

Program Structure

DP has a 3-level progressive structure. At first entry, students can choose one of the following aspects which they have shown excellent achievement or great potential in either Pre-stage Level or Level 1 (the Pre-stage Level is specially designed for junior secondary school (the first three years of secondary school) students). Students who have successfully completed a level with excellent performance can choose to proceed to the next level of the same aspect in the next year.

Course Level Content Course Type Subjects Class Time * Tuition Fee (HKD)
Pre-stage Level Bridging Courses to Level 1 Non Credit-bearing Mathematics
Saturdays $6,500
Level 1 Accelerated Matching Courses in Secondary School Level Chemistry
Life Science
Engineering ▲
Level 2 # Introductory University Level Credit-bearing  $2,200 per credit
Level 3 # University Level Courses on Specialized Subjects  Examples of courses offered:
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Organic Chemistry I
  • Biodiversity
  • Statics
  • Modern Physics
Weekdays during University Semester ^

* 1. Financial Assistance will be provided for those in need.
2. The material fee of Level 1 Engineering is HK$800.
# Teachers/students can decide whether to proceed to Level 2/Level 3 upon completion of Level 1/Level 2.
^ Special arrangements have to be made with secondary schools as these courses are offered on weekdays.
▲ The Level 2 Engineering course is non-credit bearing.

Course Instructors

All courses will be instructed by HKUST faculty members or experienced instructors.

Venue and Course Delivery Mode

Dual Program will adopt online teaching and learning mode from November to December 2021. In case conditions allow the resumption of face-to-face classes from January 2022 onwards, all students will be required to attend lessons at HKUST campus (except for classes otherwise specified). No refund of course fees will be made to students who cannot attend face-to-face classes from January to April. However, if the COVID-19 pandemic situation remains unstable, all lessons will continue to adopt real-time online mode or blended learning mode. We will announce the course delivery mode from January to April by the end of the year. Please stay tuned for further updates.

Selection Criteria

  1. Students must be nominated by School Principal or Representatives and are not restricted by their study level;
  2. Each aspect will have its own pre-requisite. Teachers and students should read the details, including course objectives and schedule, before nomination/enrolment to ensure the best learning outcome.

Pre-stage Level
Junior secondary school (the first three years of secondary school) students who
  • Demonstrate strong potential and great interest in the related specific areas; OR
  • Show commitment and achievement in the related specific areas.
Level 1
Students who:
  • Demonstrate strong potential and great interest in the related specific areas; OR
  • Show commitment and achievement in the related specific areas.