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CHU Hok Yin

Dual Program (Mathematics)

Joining the Mathematics Dual Program is a fantastic experience to learn some advanced mathematics outside the classroom. Dual Program is famous for its variety of contents, and I was not disappointed. I was given valuable resources, such as detailed lectures and notes, for interesting topics like Green’s theorem and law of iterated logarithm. Within a course of three months, Dual Program has significantly enriched my knowledge on mathematics, transforming my perspective on various topics, such as multivariable calculus and modern probability. For someone who strives to learn mathematics as much as possible, I was extremely satisfied when I realized how much I have learnt during the courses.

Learning requires patience and perseverance, this is especially true for Dual Program. Since most of the learning materials are outside the school’s curriculum, one might be overwhelmed by the influx of new knowledge. Therefore, one should be willing to spend more effort after the lectures, for example, searching related topics online for insights or reading through mathematics textbooks. Moreover, it is important to manage time efficiently. It should be expected that Dual Program would occupy one’s regular study time as there will be homework and exams in the Dual Program. It is therefore crucial to allocate time for Dual Program efficiently. Nonetheless, the program is very rewarding, and the effort is worth it.

The course is perfect for someone who is willing to challenge themselves and broaden their knowledge.


TONG Yuk Chun Clement

Dual Program (Engineering)

I am deeply grateful for the fruitful learning experiences in the CDGT Dual Program. The Dual Program not only greatly inspired my interest in engineering and robotics but also opened up further opportunities in STEM.

The Engineering course was well-structured and adequately challenging. It taught us a lot of essential concepts beyond the school curriculum, like forward and inverse kinematics, resistance in parallel circuits, and the theory behind electrical components and electrical signals. In addition to the course content, the highlight of the course was the opportunities presented to us to apply the knowledge learnt. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, our cohort had the chance to represent the HKUST Academy for Bright Future Young Engineers in the Mini Robocon 2021 in-person robotics competition. This was not only an excellent opportunity to apply the knowledge we learnt during the 2-year dual program but also to gain hands-on experience with some of the industry-standard robotics hardware and software, including the STM32 chipset, Real-Time Operating Systems, Mecanum Wheels, and odometry. Therefore, the competition greatly enhanced my insight into university-level robotics and was formative to my deep interest in robotics. 

On top of the knowledge gained, the Dual Program also allowed me to develop my soft skills. For example, I gained valuable experience in areas like teamwork, leadership, and organisational skills as our group of DP students worked together to build and fix the robot, come up with creative solutions for unexpected issues, and shared what we discovered along the way during the preparation for the Mini Robocon 2021 competition.

Throughout the Dual Program, we learnt to be resilient, collaborative, and creative - soft skills that will be beneficial in the workplace and beyond. The knowledge and experience gained through the Dual Program have proven immensely valuable. I was able to bring the knowledge and experience gained through the course and Mini Robocon 2021 back to the school robotics team. As Mini Robocon 2021 was my first and one of the very few in-person robotics events across HK since the pandemic started, the experience and lessons learnt significantly benefited our preparations for future robotics competitions. In addition, by sharing my newly gained enthusiasm for robotics and contributing the newly learnt knowledge from the Dual Program, I was able to take a more leading role in the school robotics team and ultimately contributed to the school STEM scholarship award. 

I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the CDGT team, particularly Professor Tim Woo, Mr. Eric Leung, and Mr. Wu, for their outstanding teaching and guidance. The Dual Program not only enriched my knowledge in robotics but enrooted my interest in robotics. It also allowed me to make lifelong friendships with elite peers with a similar passion for STEM and robotics and to develop personally.

In the future, I look forward to furthering my passion for engineering and robotics that was resulted from the Dual Program and using the knowledge gained to create impactful projects for the community. 



WONG Kai Chung

Dual Program (Mathematics & Engineering)

I have attended DP courses for 4 years since grade 7, taking Mathematics and Engineering courses. DP courses are the best gifted courses I have taken, in which I was taught by excellent professors over a wide range of knowledge. I attended all levels of Engineering and enjoyed the hands-on experiences a lot. Through solving practical problems by applying knowledge learnt in lessons, I practiced designing circuits and constructing robots. I also learnt some engineering skills like soldering and sawing. It raised my interest in engineering to a whole new level.

Several group works may be distributed throughout the course, so one should be eager to work and communicate with others. I made many new friends from different schools and different grades through DP courses. We completed many tasks together, such as building an omni-wheel car. There may be assignments after each lesson, so we should be willing to devote our time to the course by studying the course materials after the lessons in order to complete them. Students will take 1 to 2 assessments throughout each level of the course, so we should also prepare for them well.

DP courses were much more than I had expected. Not only teaching multiple topics in depth, which was my initial expectation, DP courses also provided me with lab experiences to deepen my understanding. Instead of lecturing most of the time like lessons in secondary schools, DP professors will issue lab tasks every lesson after lecturing. By preparing for experiments, making predictions and evaluating the results, students can consolidate the learnt knowledge.

DP Engineering has inspired me to study more challenging topics, such as computer science and computer engineering. DP level 3 has shown me how university students learn in HKUST; this serves as a valuable reference for me when choosing my future university. I look forward to continuing my learning journey in the world of engineering.


Darren PUN

Dual Program (Life Science)

I was a boy with a strong curiosity towards the life sciences. I would often read books and articles of my own interest, but I wanted something more. I craved an opportunity for me to expand my horizons and deepen my knowledge. I longed for an experience outside of what my school could offer, that could open a door to my interests, my passion, my future. The Dual Program was that door for me. I remember the pure joy and excitement that was in the bottom of my heart the first time I came to HKUST to attend my first ever DP lesson, 4 years ago. When I opened this life-changing door.

I have truly enjoyed every single moment of all the courses I have participated in here. I think that DP not only delivers you advanced, specialized information in the field of your interest, but also, really encourages you to think beyond and challenges your mind. It is also a holistic program, with not only in-depth, intriguing lectures, but also field trips, discussion and brainstorming, group presentations, and various other activities. These experiences allowed me to explore and taste the freedom of university life, and played a huge part in my memories about DP. As a DP student, I also had access to many privileges such as the HKUST Library, where I would spend up to hours at a time in. At DP, I could finally experience the type of study that I consider ideal - learning not for results, not for exams, but just for learning itself. I always loved to constantly pester my professors with questions, but they never got annoyed. In fact, they seemed to enjoy my questions as much as I enjoyed getting their answers. They encouraged me to think further, and keep my curiosity burning. I have encountered numerous hard difficulties here, which enabled me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself. University study is very different from secondary school - time management is key, and you need to have a good work-life balance. This is quite challenging to achieve.

In order to make the most out of DP, you need a passionate, eager attitude, because there is no such thing as “talent”. Only those who love to learn, and those who do not. Just as important, you need perseverance and optimism, so you can face the challenges along the way with a smile.

Thanks so much to those who supported me along my DP journey. I have learned so much and experienced so much here. Without DP, I cannot be who I am today.


Tommy CHAU

Dual Program (Physics)

Dual program offered me a unique experience, of being a part time student, studying undergraduate courses on Physics alongside university students in HKUST during weekdays, giving me an early taste as to what it is like to be a university student. Spending a total of five years within the program, it allows me to dive into various topics of interest, from the fundamentals such as classical mechanics, up to more advanced topics such as quantum mechanics, and it has broadened my horizon, and deepened my interest in Physics. At times, it might prove difficult to balance between the program, which could be quite mentally challenging, and other commitments, such as schoolwork. Despite one’s best effort, there would still be plenty of stress at time. Thus, one must have a clear mindset as to what they are looking for in participating the program to minimize their stress, which in my case is to satisfy my curiosity of the unknown.

Dual program not only offered me a great learning opportunity, but also in my case, proved to be essential evidence when I applied for the University of Oxford, which I am currently studying Physics at. In the future, I wish to continue studying physics in postgraduate, and pursue a career of being a researcher and in academia.


NG Ying Yau Michelle

Dual Program (Mathematics)

Having joined the Dual Program for 3 years, I have never regretted studying mathematics at the HKUST. At first, I was struggling to decipher the lecture notes, which were full of symbols and exotic terminology, while my peers thrived as they had known the contents in advance. I spent the first few weeks questioning my own aptitude in mathematics, often stumbling upon the sea—its calm stretching endlessly; it was a humbling sight. I later found myself sitting on my couch, tending to those lecture notes patiently. As the theorems began to sink in, I realized that it was not as hard as I had previously thought. 

I used to visit the university once a week before the pandemic. I would usually dwell along the coast, indulging in the presence of the sea and the salty breezes. I also met new friends in those classes. We played logic games together. Things changed rapidly as I progressed further in mathematics. I encountered more intriguing mathematical problems in the dual program and discussed them with my teachers and classmates at school. The passion we share for mathematics has brought us even closer.

Dual Program has impacted my life greatly, equipping me with the essential skills I will need for my career as a theoretical physicist. The level 2 Dual Program includes some vital integration techniques in its beginning, then some ways to solve first order linear differential equations. It also touches on mathematical topics that are not included in the secondary school curriculum, such as convergence tests and the Fourier series. It enriched my school life and became an integral part of my education as I found my mathematics lessons increasingly boring at school.

Here, contents are taught much quicker, and the definitions are much more rigorous, strongly resembling university education. Lecturers are strict, and students are expected to remember assignment due dates and be more independent. My horizons have broadened due to DP as I venture into the mathematical wild.

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Some more feedbacks from students of Dual Program and Enrichment Program for Gifted Learners (EPGL)


Dual Program Student (Mathematics Pre-stage)

“I learned different laws of maths and new number system such as complex numbers and the interesting functions.” (Anonymous)

“I have learned some advanced mathematics of many different aspects in this course, and I also learned some relevant methods of solving questions.” (Anonymous)

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Dual Program Student (Physics Level 1)

“I have learnt about many diseases through this program, it broadened my view and boosted my knowledge in Biology.” (Anonymous)

“I have learned a lot more about the human anatomy, and was also given the chance to work with peers in the same age group.” (Anonymous)

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Dual Program Student (Chemistry Level 1)

“I have learned how chemical reactions work, the structure of an atom, properties of different chemicals, organic chemistry and several chemical calculations.” (Anonymous)

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EPGL Student (Physics)

"I expected a challenging physics course covering areas we do not usually approach in school. My expectations were met, and it was pretty interesting and the overall experience was quite enjoyable."  

"My expectations are to enhance my knowledge in physics, know how physical laws have been modified throughout ages, and get a clearer picture of some abstract concepts. These expectations are beyond met, especially the black hole part, because I am super interested in astrophysics. For other parts, it may be slightly hard, but I am glad I have made the first step to learn them, even though I may not understand them fully at this moment."  (Anonymous)

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EPGL Student (Mathematics)

"To pre-experience and preview advanced Mathematics, something that I have not yet come across with. To satisfy my curiosity of Mathematics."  (Anonymous)

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EPGL Student (Computer Science)

"My expectation was to learn more about programming with python and be able to code my own python game after the course. The course has met my expectation. I have gained a lot of knowledge about programming for example the use of variables, logical operations, loops and iterations, lists, and producing turtle graphics etc. " (Anonymous)

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EPGL Student (Life Science)

"...this course is enriching myself besides DSE curriculum, which the course did satisfy that one. Really interesting knowledge has been taught by the course teacher, and has broadened my horizon. The most impressing part of the course is dissection, because of the pandemic, I can rarely have a chance to have dissection in my school, or even none. I have really "dug" into the animals."  (Anonymous)