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Our Mission


Who we are

The Center for the Development of the Gifted and Talented (CDGT) was established in 2010. We offer specialized and comprehensive programs for gifted learners and motivated talented students in Hong Kong.

Giftedness is not merely possessing a high level of measured intelligence. A broad definition of giftedness using multiple criteria is widely adopted across the world. Gifted children, in one or more domains, have exceptional achievements or potential. Many of them have demonstrated intense interest and strong commitment in specific areas of pursuit. They are often the minority while mainstream education setting struggles to help them realize their full potential. This is where gifted programs could complement by attending to their learning needs and social-emotional development, both are crucial to the all-around development of these learners.

CDGT aims to contribute to the whole person development of these students through provision of long-term and diversified programs and activities, as well as nurturing collaboration with parents, schools, and teachers.


Our Mission

  • Bring together gifted learners in an environment conducive to learning – intense, accelerated courses complemented with out-of-classroom activities in which learners can exchange their personal interest, and make like-minded companions;
  • Develop advanced curricula that challenge and inspire learners to learn, achieve and realize their full potential under the support and guidance of our university teaching faculties and staff;
  • Help gifted learners and their families understand their intellectual potential and affective needs, and how these needs are related to their innate natural talents;
  • Provide alternative learning opportunities for exceptionally gifted learners.