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Dual Program

How to apply for Dual Program?
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In general, students should apply through "school nomination". However, if your school is not our participating school, or you have difficulties in obtaining the nomination from your school, you may apply through "individual application".

What is the difference between Dual Program Pre-stage Level and Level 1?
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Pre-stage level is suitable for junior secondary school students (e.g. Secondary 1 - Secondary 3). Whereas the teaching content of level 1 is much more advanced.
You may read through the syllabus and sample of each course under "Course Information" on our website. We strongly recommend you discuss with your parents and teachers to choose the course that is most suitable for you.

What are the admission requirements?
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Dual Program Pre-stage Level and Level 1 courses last for about five months, and are suitable for students with intense interest in the specific subject areas. Students should demonstrate passion and commitment, strong potential and talent in the aspect, through participation in relevant extra-curricular activities and competitions.

Can the student take two or more courses at the same period?
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Each eligible student can only take one course at the same period.

Will an applicant be automatically considered for Pre-stage Level if they are not accepted to Maths or Physics Level 1?
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Applicants can indicate two choices on their application form and their application will be processed based on their preference and priority. If an applicant wishes to be considered for the Pre-stage level if they are not accepted to Level 1, they should indicate it clearly on their application form.

Should I re-submit my application if I made a mistake in my application?
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No, please do not submit your application twice.

Kindly email us with your application ID number and inform us what kind of information you would like to change*.

*The request should be made on or before the application deadline.